World Festival of Animated Film /
short film edition 3 - 8 June 2014
World Festival of Animated Film / short film edition 3 - 8 June 2014
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Authors   |   Katy O'Connor


Katy O’Connor is an artist and animator living in Austin, Texas.  She received her MFA in painting from the University of Texas in 1999.  Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited throughout the U.S. as well as being published in the quarterly magazine, “New American Paintings.”  Since 1999 she has worked in collaboration with Bob Sabiston and the artists of Flat Black Films on commercial and artistic animation projects.  She has been a lead animator for the feature films Waking Life (dir. Richard Linklater) and the Five Obstructions (dir. Lars von Trier).  As well as having worked on many high profile music videos, short movies and national (U.S.) ad campaigns.  Her favorite artistic genre is the portrait and she has recently begun to teach figure drawing at Texas State University.

Filmography for dir. Katy O’Connor

2010   “I Love You,” animated experimental/documentary short, dir. Katy O’Connor

2009  “Beeswax”, live action feature, dir. Andrew Bujalski (actress)

2008  “The Antidote,” live action feature, dir. Randy Cole (actress)

2008  “Doves,” animated music video, dir. Bob Sabiston/Flat Black Films (animator)

2008  “Get Your War On,” animated webisodes for 23/6/huffingtonpost.com, dir. David Rees/Flat Black Films (animator)

2008  Title sequence and promos for Dirt on FX Network/, Flat Black Films animation for arsenal (animation director, animator)

2005-2008 Charles Schwab commercials/ Flat Black Films for Nexus (animator)

2007  “The Even More Fun Trip” animated short, dir. Bob Sabiston/Flat Black Films (animator)

2006  “Scanner Darkly” animated feature, dir. Richard Linklater/Flat Black Films (animator)

2004  "Fuzzytown," animated short, dir. Zellner Brothers/Flat Black Films (animator)

2003  "The Five Obstructions," feature, Flat Black Films for dir. Lars von Trier and Jorgen Leth (animator)

2003  "Grasshopper," animated short, dir. Bob Sabiston/Flat Black Films, (animator).

2002  "Life 360 animated shorts," animated shorts that screened on PBS, dir. Flat Black Films, (animator)

2002   "Destiny," animated music video for the band zero7, dir Tommy Pallotta/Flat Black Films, (animator)

2001   "Nekkid Cowboy", feature live action mockumentary, (co-director, co-producer with Jennifer Drummond.)

2001  "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," short animated film, dir. Katy O’Connor

2001   "The State I Am In," short live action film, dir. Katy O’Connor

2001  "The Yard," dir. Bob Sabiston/Flat Black Films (animator)

2001  "CAP Project," dir. Flat Black Films (animator)

2001   "Waking Life," dir.  Richard Linklator/Flat Black Films (animator)

2000  "Figures of Speech," short film for ITVS/ PBS, dir. Flat Black Films (animator)

Films screened at Animafest

I Love You