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Kuka kehtaa? / Who dares?

Sanni Lahtinen

Finland / 2011 / 3' 53''

Educational institution: Turku Arts Academy

Director: Sanni Lahtinen

Production: Turku Arts Academy

Animation: Sanni Lahtinen

Set: Sanni Lahtinen

Screenplay: Sanni Lahtinen

Storyboard: Sanni Lahtinen

Editing: Sanni Lahtinen

Music: Juho Nurmela, Olli Kari

Sound: Sanni Lahtinen


People of the city gather to honour their leader, but a shameless whistle disturbs the worshiping.

Sanni Lahtinen

Sanni Lahtinen (1986) graduated from the animation department of Turku Arts Academy, Finland in 2011 with her film Piirongin piiloissa (Chest of drawers). Previously she has directed Tollo Muerte (2008) and Murto (Housebreaker, 2008, co-direction with Heta Jokinen, Kaisa Lenkkeri and Pauli Laasonen).