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Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then / Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Brent Green

United States / 2010 / 75' 0''

Director: Brent Green

Production: Nervous Films

Distribution: Nervous Films

Screenplay: Brent Green, Michael McGinley, Donna K.

Camera: Brent Green, Jem Cohen, Pete Sillen, Jake Sillen, Holli Hopkins

Editing: Brent Green

Music: Brent Green, Michael McGinley, Jim Becker, Alan Scalpone

Sound: Donna K.

Cast: Michael McGinley, Donna K.


Mary is ill and Leonard loves her so much that he decides to build a house for her. Brent Green reconstructed this house in his garden and used it as a film set for a special and moving story. A beautiful mix of animation, stop motion and live action. (IFFR)

Brent Green

Brent Green is a self-taught filmmaker and artist who lives and works in the Appalachian hills of Pennsylvania. His unique hand drawn and stop motion short films have played venues including the Sundance Film Festival, the L.A. Film Festival and the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Those were Susa's Red Ears (2002), Francis (2003), Hadacol Christmas (2005, short), Paulina Hollers (2006), Carlin (2007), Walt Whitman’s Brain (2007), Weird Carolers (2009).