World Festival of Animated Film /
3 to 8 June 2019
World Festival of Animated Film / 3 to 8 June 2019
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Dina Goder studied at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS), specialising in drama studies and theatre criticism in Moscow. Since 1990s, she has worked as an editor, art, animation and theatre critic for several weekly and daily magazines (Theater, Itogi. With Newsweek, Jezhenedelnyj zhurnal, Vremya novostey, Moskovskie novosty). She is a curator and lecturer for educational programs such as School of Art Journalism (Pro Arte Foundation, St. Petersburg) and Animatorium (Tel Aviv, Israel). Since 2007, she has been a program director of the Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow, and a member of the Cultural Initiatives Foundation – Mikhail Prokhorov expert council. She has written numerous articles on theatre and animation for Russian and international print, internet, and TV media and radio, and served as a jury and selection committee member at different Russian and international theatre (since late 1980s) and animation festivals (since 2000s). She was a member of the jury and expert council of the Russian National Theatre Award the Golden Mask (in 2011, 2012, 2019, she served as the Council president). Author of the book, Khudozhniki, Vizionery, Tsirkachi: Ocherki Vizual'nogo Teatra (Eng. “Artists, visionaries and circus performers: essays about visual theatre”), published by Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie in 2012 in Moscow.