World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature film edition 6 - 11 June 2016
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature film edition 6 - 11 June 2016
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26th World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb - Awards


At the discretion of the Student film competition selection committee:

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME)



Jury members: Peter Lord, Vjera Matković, Normand Roger, Cecilia Traslaviña, Raimund Krumme

GRAND PRIX – BEST SHORT FILM: Endgame, Phil Mulloy

Bold, shy and witty, but ultimately chilling, this is a film that demonstrates superb storytelling, timing and film craft along with a daring use of the film frame. The whole piece is a minimalist journey into the most dangerous of all games. The Grand Prix goes to Endgame by Phil Mulloy.

“GOLDEN ZAGREB” AWARD (for the encouragement of creativity and innovative artistic achievement): Datum Point, Ryo Orikasa

A film that dares to take a poem and interpret it with great elegance and freedom in the world of animation. The jury were compelled and drawn into this expressive, semi-abstract combination of sound, image and text. We loved the restraint of the composition and the glorious craft of the execution. For its creativity and innovation, the Golden Zagreb Award goes to Datum Point by Ryo Orikasa.

“ZLATKO GRGIĆ” AWARD (best first production apart from educational institutions): A Coat Made Dark, Jack O'Shea

The jury were all struck by this dark, mysterious and surprising film. With great sophistication and skill, the director has created a sinister world of avarice, exploitation and abuse, populated by compelling characters and suffused with the glittering and seductive allure of gold.

The Zlatko Grgic Award for first film goes to A Coat Made dark by Jack O'Shea.

SPECIAL AWARD by Raimund Krumme: Peter's Forest, Martina Meštrović

Conveying the subject of being different, Peter´s Forest by Martina Meštrović uses strong metaphors which are strangely surprising and at the same time emotionally touching.

SPECIAL AWARD by Cecilia Traslaviña: Kaputt - Broken – The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck, Volker Schlecht, Alexander Lahl

A film that combines powerful testimonies and organic imagery to create strong a relation with the viewer. It shows us, in a unique way, a reality which was hidden for many years, but is still alive and present in many societies around the world. My special award is for the film Kaputt - Broken – The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck. Directed by Alexander Lahl and Volker Schlecht from Germany.

SPECIAL AWARD by Vjera Matković: Before Love, Igor Kovalyov

All the elements of this film – its unpredictable narrative, its stunning design and unique visual style – combine to convey to the viewer deep emotions of love and solitude. Special award goes to the film Before Love by Igor Kovalyov.

SPECIAL AWARD by Peter Lord: Deer Flower, Kangmin Kim

An unsettling and beautifully executed story of a bizarre and disastrous childhood episode. I loved its combination of surprising and innovative animation styles - Deer Flower by Kangmin Kim.

SPECIAL AWARD by Normand Roger: Peripheria, David Coquard Dassault

For its strong graphic design and precise and expressive animation, a Special Jury Award is given to Peripheria, directed by David Coquard Dassault.



Jury members: Justine Bannister, Marcy Page, Boško Picula

GRAND PRIX – BEST FEATURE FILM: Magic Mountain, Anca Damian

We found this film to be a challenging, artistic blend of diverse animation styles that so perfectly, and sometimes even poetically portrayed the haunting existential journey of one man through these stark landscapes and underlined the futility of war – we also wish to honour the genre of animated documentary by awarding the Grand prix to this beautifully narrated and edited film.

SPECIAL MENTION: Anomalisa, Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson

We appreciated the originality, attention to detail and impeccable execution of this surrealistic depiction of one man’s psychological and emotional struggle – the way the viewer becomes an uncomfortable witness to his inability to connect with other people, until the discovers that he is no longer alone in the world – we were also touched by the film’s wonderful homage to Cyndi Lauper.



Jury members: Eugene Kim, Corrie Francis Parks, Darko Vidačković

“DUŠAN VUKOTIĆ” AWARD (best student film): What They Believe, Shoko Hara

Powered by animation and visual style, this film follows the pursuit of happiness in a darkly humorous world of extreme beliefs, technology, and absurd behaviour.

SPECIAL MENTION: About a Mother, Dina Velikovskaya

Simple but humorous animation creates an impression of a mother’s love, which extends beyond her sons to the community near and far.

SPECIAL MENTION: The Noise of Licking, Nadja Andrasev

Through subtle sound and a strong individual style, this film compels us to consider an unusual obsession between two characters.



Jury members: Eugene Kim, Corrie Francis Parks, Darko Vidačković

BEST CROATIAN FILM: Travelling Country,  Ivan Bogdanov, Vessela Dantcheva

Through vivid colour and stirring sound and music, this film presents a thought-provoking metaphor of the cyclical nature of society.

SPECIAL MENTION: Ghost Town, Marko Dješka

This film creates a powerful impression of daily rituals, distorted by war, isolation and denial, leaving a space for everyone to relate to one man’s experience.



At the discretion of the selection committee of Animation goes MSU!

BEST SITE-SPECIFIC WORK: The Rise of Fascism, Slobodan Tomić

Slobodan Tomić's site-specific animation is a visually complex piece using the media facade's strict format in the best possible way. Skilfully framing animated sequences within the set architectural verticals and using dynamic animation procedures, the author develops a story of a totalitarian world.


Jury members: Dijana Bosnić, Franka Meštrović, Lucija Milić, Lucija Sabolić, Vid Trkulja

BEST FILM FOR CHILDREN: Welcome to my life, Elizabeth Ito

By unanimous vote, the Best Film Award goes to this film, a combination of reality and animation showing, through a documentary approach, how differences are not and should not be an obstacle. What the jury loved best was excellent animation and well designed and entertaining characters.

SPECIAL MENTION: Follow your heart, Rob O'Neill

In a unique and approachable way, this film portrays the importance of love and emotions. The author did an outstanding job by depicting the human heart as a pet and vice versa.




“MR. M” - AWARD FOR THE BEST FEATURE FILM ACCORDING TO THE AUDIENCE’S VOTE: April and the Extraordinary World, Franck Ekinci, Christian Desmares