Svjetski festival animiranog filma /
3. DO 8. LIPNJA 2019.
Svjetski festival animiranog filma / 3. DO 8. LIPNJA 2019.
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Autori   |   Richard Reeves


Richard Reeves Filmography   ‘The Yarwood Trail’  (2009/4min/35mm)  inspired by the work and life of Walter Yarwood, commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society’s ‘Eleven in Motion: Abstract Expressions in Animation’ program.  Painting/stamping on film.   ‘Aura’  (2006 / 2.5min./ 35mm) celebration of film as an artform, commissioned work for the Liaison of                   Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, 25 Film Manifesto’s.   Painting on Film. ‘Element of Light’ (2004 / 4.5min./ 35 mm) abstract animation within the context of light.                                    Picture drawn directly onto 35mm film accompanied by handmade optical sounds.   ‘O.I.A.F. Signal Film’  (2002 / 24sec./ 35mm) signal film for Ottawa International Animation Festival.                                          Sound and Picture drawn directly onto 35mm film.   ‘1:1’   (2001 / 2.5min./ 35mm)  exploring the one to one relationship between sound and picture.             Sound and Picture drawn directly onto 35mm film.   ‘CFMDC Trailer’  (1999 / 30sec./ 35mm) Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre trailer                                  Sound and Picture drawn directly onto 35mm film.   ‘Sea Song’  (1998 / 4min./ 35mm) an animated look into the sparkling ocean at night                        Picture drawn directly onto 35mm film accompanied by handmade optical sounds.   ‘Linear Dreams’  (1997 / 7min./ 35mm) images from the minds eye, music from the minds ear.                                 Sound and pictures drawn onto film.   ‘Zig Zag’  (1994 / 1min./ 35mm) zig zag pictures dance to zig zag sounds.                    Sound and Picture drawn directly onto 35mm film   ‘Garbanzo’  (1993 / 2min./ 16mm) abstract forms painted on film move to original jazz music               ‘Major ReBeouf’  (1992 / 3min./ 16mm) mythology created for “Return to Exceptional Pass”,                                  group exhibit at Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff (cel + paper)   ‘Story from the Stone’  (1991 / 1min./ 16mm) inspired from pictographs at Writing on  Stone                                                                                    Provincial Park, Alberta.  (pastel on paper)  Awards   2006 - Audience Vote : Best Abstract Film, Melbourne International Animation Festival 2005 - Directors Choice Award : Black Maria Film Festival  2003 - Jury Citation Award : Black Maria Film Festival, USA 2001 - Award of Merit : Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany 2000 - Directors Choice Award : Black Maria Film Festival, USA 1998 - Best Canadian Animated Film : Ottawa International Animation Festival 1998 - Best Abstract Film : Zagreb International Animation Film Festival, Croatia 1998 - Jury Award : Brisbane International Animation Festival, Australia 1998 - Juror’s Choice Award : Black Maria Film Festival, USA 1998 - Best Sound Design : Ann Arbor Experimental Film Festival, USA 1998 - Award of the Academy of Fine Art : University of Zagreb, Croatia 1998 - Award of the Artiria Gallery : Zagreb, Croatia 1998 - Award of Merit : San Francisco International film Festival 1998 - 2nd Prize Experimental Film : World Animation Celebration, USA 1997 - Best Canadian Short Film : Atlantic Film Festival 1997 - Best Experimental Film : Sea to Sky Film Festival, Canada 1997 - Best Animated Film : Victoria Independent Film Festival 1997 - Best Animated Film : Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards Collections National Archives of Canada , Ottawa. National Film Board of Canada, Montreal. IOTA Centre for Visual Music, Los Angles  USA Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre Cinematheque Quebecois, Montreal  Canada KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg e.V. , Germany University of Regina,Canada Rhode Island School of Art + Design, USA Newfoundland Filmmakers Coop , Canada   Biography

Richard’s early artwork explored painting, printmaking, photography, and music which led him to animate directly onto the filmstrip as if it was a long and narrow canvas.

His début animation ‘Linear Dreams’ was produced by drawing both the sound and picture directly onto the film.  Linear Dreams screened at  festivals around the world receiving many awards including Best Canadian Short Film at the Ottawa International Festival, Best Abstract Film at the Zagreb International Animation Festival and Jury Award at the Brisbane International Animation Festival in Australia.

Richard has since produced other award winning animations such as Sea Song, 1:1 and Element of Light, all receiving international acclaim.   His work has been recognized by the Canadian Film Centre, the Canadian Consulate, Museum of Modern Art NYC, and the iOTA Centre for Visual Music.

In 2002, he created the Signal Film for the Ottawa International Animation Festival at the National Arts Centre, and directed a live animation group performance called ‘Optical Orchestra’ on the opening and closing nights.

Richard worked as Film Production Coordinator at the Quickdraw Animation Society for more than 6 years. He has taught courses and presented his works across North America, Europe and Brazil.

Richard continues to experiment with audio visual installation, constructing 16mm violins, human projection screens and new works exploring animation as a time and space artform.