Svjetski festival animiranog filma /
kratkometražno izdanje 1. - 6. lipnja 2010.
Svjetski festival animiranog filma / kratkometražno izdanje 1. - 6. lipnja 2010.
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Autori   |   Soyeon Kim



Director: YELLOWSHED (Todd Hemker & Soyeon Kim)


YELLOWSHED is a collaborative effort between two artists, Soyeon Kim and Todd

Hemker, whose specialties are in various animation techniques, illustration and design.

Soyeon loves to create various textures and styles using her painting background and

apply them into her animations, while Todd often takes advantage of an architectural

background to generate cinematographic imagery. Since 2001, the two have been

involved with a broad range of projects, working professionally in the world of advertising

and film productions as directors, art directors, designers and animators.

Most recently, Todd & Soyeon co-directed the end title sequence for the Sony’s feature

animation, ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.’ Samples of YELLOWSHED work can

be viewed at the website: www.yellowshed.com


Independent Films:

-Father and Sister (2010)

-Murphy’s Short’s (2009)

-Transparent Movement (2009)

-Fool Throttle (2004)

-Seven Corners (2001)

-Where, There, Here (2001)

-Circus (1996)

-To-Mak (1995)

Commissioned Films:

-End title sequence for Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (2009)

-End title sequence for Madagascar 2 (2009)

-Creation Museum- ‘Planetarium’ (2009)

-Creation Museum- ‘Ark’ (2009)

-Opening title sequence for PSA campaign, ‘Sloppy Joe’ (2009)

-Creation Museum- ‘Dinosaurs’ (2008)

-Creation Museum- ‘Eden’ (2007)

-Morning Star Farms- ‘Artist’ (2007)

-Mall of America- ‘Carol of the Elves’ (2006)

-Mall of America- ‘The Drive’ (2006)

-Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events: title sequence (2004)

-Opening sequence for the Korean TV show ‘Jae-Dong’ (1997)

and many others


Soyeon Kim

Email: [email protected]

URL: www.yellowshed.com

Tel. 1(country)-310-614-8799

Filmovi autora prikazani na Animafestu

Creation Museum 'Dinosaurs'