World Festival of Animated Film /
3 to 8 June 2024
World Festival of Animated Film / 3 to 8 June 2024
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ANIMAFEST PRO | ANIMAFEST SCANNER XI | Panel 2: Role of Editor and Editing in Animated Film

Do We Really Need Film Editors in Animated Films? - Iva Kraljević (Croatia)

04/06 TUE 14:30-15:00 KIC

It is a common misconception that editors in animation films only fine-tune the rhythm of individual shots to create a sense of flow in a movie. Often, however, it is more than just assembling the images together into a whole and perfecting the rhythm. An editor can offer a new perspective and work on improving the accents in the dramaturgy of the film. The director /animators do not necessarily have knowledge of film grammar and syntax, so while the footage works as individual shots, it has some problems conveying the idea to the audience. Oftentimes the film does not happen and interconnectedness of created elements remains the director's wishful thinking. So, editing is above all, a reality check, a prioritising process. Beyond technical proficiency, animation editors must possess a keen understanding of storytelling principles and visual language. They must interpret the director's vision and translate it into a coherent and compelling narrative or non-narrative structure. Editors use the spatial relationships within the image to convey information, direct the viewer's attention and establish the geography of the narrative, or, should we say, structure. It is through the temporal dimension that events unfold, characters develop and stories progress and by understanding the nuances of character development, thematic resonance and narrative arc, editors can enhance the quality of the final product and transform a sequence of frames into a unified, cinematic experience. It is extremely important that the editor is involved in the process from the storyboard and animatic onwards, as their skills can, pragmatically speaking, save significantly on production, removing unnecessary elements from the outset.

Iva Kraljević is an editor and cinematographer of documentary, feature, animated and experimental films with a special interest in socially engaged topics and media experiments. Kraljević graduated in sociology and philosophy.