World Festival of Animated Film /
5 to 10 June 2023
World Festival of Animated Film / 5 to 10 June 2023
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Animafest Zagreb 2023 presents Grand Competition - Feature Film

World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb 2023 is proud to present films selected for the Grand Competition - Feature Film category.

This year's competition will present a series of powerful and inspired works, authentic stories, and highly produced titles that illustrate the ever-increasing vitality of the world animation scene.

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, Pierre Földes (France, Luxembourg, Canada, Netherlands / Cinéma Defacto; Miyu Productions; Doghouse Films; micro_scope; Productions Unité Centrale;An Original Picture; Studio MA / 2022)
Feast of Amrita, Saku Sakamoto (Japan / zelicofilm, LLC / 2023 )
My Love Affair With Marriage, Signe Baumane (Latvia, United States, Luxembourg / Studio Locomotive; The Marriage Project LLC; Antevita Films / 2022)
No Changes Have Taken In Our Life, Jingwei Xu (China / Lei Ting / 2022)
Unicorn Wars, Alberto Vázquez (Spain, France / UniKo; Abano Producions; Autour de Minuit Productions / 2022)
White Plastic Sky, Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó (Hungary, Slovakia / Salto Film;  Artichoke; Proton Cinema / 2023)