World Festival of Animated Film /
7 to 12 June 2021
World Festival of Animated Film / 7 to 12 June 2021
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Animation Out of the Box: As a Result of Desire to Create and Inspiration - Eliane Gordeeff (CIEBA/FBAUL - Lisbon University, Portugal / Veiga de Almeida University, Brazil

09/06, WED 14:35 – 15:05, Kino Tuškanac

This paper aims to reflect on animation making from outside the traditional production canons that use storyboards and keyframes. This text registers this creative experience reflecting the situation of creating a short, without a defined narrative or intention. The animation short analysed is Mother (2018), which is the outcome of a desire: to animate. The animation shows several facets of the “water” element through the mix of animation techniques and the filmed image. The spirit is more artistic (Wells, 1998) than narrative. There is a mixture of rationality and intuition in the construction of a storyline. In the beginning, technically, it uses what the author calls handmade time-lapse instead of the automatic capture of the camera using frames chosen individually, from some filmed sequences, and with an intention (faster or slower pace). The same procedure applies to digital effects, which were applied to each frame and not on the sequence, as usual. However, that was it. There was no idea what the short would show. Mother was a free artistic action, as it did not have storytelling or even a theme. Even the music emerged during the production, which already had the cited first sequences. The animation song (that seems made by demand) was found by chance on a music website. The choice was made just by emotional affinity, as the music adjusted to the author's expectations. That provided the process of creating the images having the music as inspiration. At this point, the animation theme appeared since the ideas that aroused up were linked to “water”. Therefore, this short film represents a path with more freedom to animate and create, where creativity is not bound to work methodology or numerical pragmatism of the technology (Bergson, 1908). Mother represents an artwork action as an outcome of the creation desire, grounded on chance and creativity.

Eliane Gordeeff is an independent animator, professor and researcher with a PhD in Fine Arts - Multimedia (FBAUL /Portugal 2018) with scholarship from CNPq (Brazil) and Erasmus+ at University of Paris 8 (France). She examined how the animated image can represent imaginary elements of the characters. Contributor to zippyframes.com, she works with animation since 2000, and realized 17 productions that have been exhibited in many festivals around the world. In her productions there is always a concern with the relation message-image. She is author of the book Aesthetic Interferences: The Stop Motion Technique in the Animation Narrative (2018).