World Festival of Animated Film /
28 September to 3 October 2020
World Festival of Animated Film / 28 September to 3 October 2020
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Umorstvo u katedrali / Murder in the Cathedral

Matija Pisačić, Tvrtko Rašpolić

Croatia, Serbia / 2020 / 15' 39''


Monday, 28. 09.,
Cinema SC, 19:30 h
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Thursday, 01. 10.,
Theatre &TD, 18:30 h
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Saturday, 03. 10.,
Cinema SC, 15:30 h


Early 20thcentury London. Famous detective Gloria Scott and her faithful companion Mary Lambert are spending a quiet evening in their office. Then, an unknown murderer kills professor Janson at their doorstep. A new adventure awaits them, including a visit to a Chinese restaurant, a cathedral, a wax figure museum and the discovery of a great conspiracy featuring the Archbishop of Canterbury, Madame Tussaud, the Holy Spirit as a dove… and an innocent victim or two.

Matija Pisačić

Matija Pisačić (1975) was born in Zagreb. He received his high school diploma from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb. He studied philosophy and religious studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus (FFDI). He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists of the Applied Arts (ULUPUH) and the Croatian Freelance Artists Association (HZSU). He has been active since 1995, creating a series of illustrations and comics, and has directed a number of animated films screened in competition programme of Animafest Zagreb: Doctor Zodiac’s Fantastic Odyssey (2008), Choban (2014), Murder in the Cathedral (2020). In 2011, he co-founded Anima artistic organisation with Krešimir Zimonić and started to produce creative animated films.


Tvrtko Rašpolić

Tvrtko Rašpolić was born in 1973 in Zagreb. He graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Film and TV Directing. He also attended the Comparative Study of Croatian Culture and the Study of Society at the Faculty of Croatian Studies. He directed the experimental short Odessa Deconstruction (2011) and co-directed the animated short Murder in the Cathedral (2020) with Matija Pisačić. As a freelance director, he has worked on numerous shows for the Croatian Radiotelevision since 2001. He is a member of the Filmmakers Association of Croatia.



Matija Pisačić, Tvrtko Rašpolić




Mima Simić, Jasna Jasna Žmak, koscenarist Matija Pisačić


Matija Pisačić


Matija Pisačić


Dejan Pejović


Noa Pisačić


Matija Pisačić, Tvrtko Rašpolić


Kristijan Dulić, Goran Stojnić, Darko Tomičić, Ira Bulić, Katarina Jukić, Lucija Bužančić, Mia Murat, Darko Dacović, Matija Pisačić


scenografija: Boban Savić Geto


Grand Competition Short Film 1
Croatian Film Competition 2