World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature edition 5 to 10 June 2017
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature edition 5 to 10 June 2017
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Grand Competition Feature Film   |   Simon Bogojević Narath


Simon Bogojević Narath graduated in 1992 with a degree in painting from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, under professor Đuro Seder. While still a student, he exhibited paintings, monochromatic objects and video installations. In 1993 he started his research and creative activities in the field of 2D and 3D digital animation, and fully dedicated to experimental film and video. He is one of the founders of Kenges production company, where he was the artistic director, film director, set designer, CGI artist/animator on many artistic and commercial projects, including TV shows, music videos, TV commercials, theatre plays, creative short and feature films. He is one of the founders and editors of the TV programme Videodrom (HRT, 2002-2004). With the Association for Audio-visual Research 25 FPS he contributed to the launch and organisation of the 25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival.  He initiated the TV programme Animatik, focusing on contemporary creative animated film. Simon taught courses related to digital animation at the Arts Academy in Split, Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka and Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He directs, animates and produces his own creative animated-experimental films, for which he has received many international awards and honours, including Best Animated Film (Clermont-Ferrand), Golden Zagreb (Animafest Zagreb), Special Distinction (Annecy), Audience Award (Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film) etc. Winner of the annual Vladimir Nazor Award for film in 2006. Filmography: Untitled (1992), The City (1993), Hand of the Master (1995), Bardo Thodol (1997-99), Plasticat (2003), Leviathan (2006), Morana (2008), Flower of Battle (2011).