World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature film edition 9 - 14 June 2015
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature film edition 9 - 14 June 2015
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Amélia & Duarte / Amélia & Duarte

Grand Competition – Short Film 4


Amélia & Duarte / Amélia & Duarte

Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos

Germany, Portugal / 2015 / 8' 10''


Wednesday, 10. 06.,
Europa Cinema, 13:00 h
Friday, 12. 06.,
Europa Cinema, 20:00 h


The story guides us through the relationship of Amélia and Duarte, two people who have fallen out of love and are trying to cope with the feelings that follow the end of a relationship. Their relationship takes on the shape of an archive box whose contents illustrate the story of their breakup. We are guided through their separation as they try to divide, destroy and erase the memories of each other. The film is made in pixilation and stop-motion, and has a 1950s Technicolor feel. It portrays not only the surrealism of their actions, but also provides an ironic chromatic impression of the end of love.

Alice Guimarães

Alice Eça Guimarães studied digital arts at the Portuguese Catholic University’s School of Arts. Since then, she has taken a special interest in animation. Through the years she has made short animated films for various brands such as Sonae, the Intermarché, or the publisher Leya, as well as educational films, such as the award-winning A incrível História das Linhas de Torres Vedras.


Mónica Santos

Mónica Santos studied at the Royal College of Art in London having received a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation scholarship. Her films have been screened in Portugal, UK, France and Italy. Interested in both cinematic theory and practice, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Film Studies. In addition to working in animation and cinema, she does illustrations for various periodicals.



Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos


Ciclope Filmes / Studio Film Bilder


Mónica Santos, Alice Guimarães


Jürgen Swoboda


Pedro Marques


Martha Ewa Wojakowska


Mónica Santos, Alice Guimarães


Grand Competition – Short Film 4