World Festival of Animated Film /
short film edition 3 - 8 June 2014
World Festival of Animated Film / short film edition 3 - 8 June 2014
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Animafest Zagreb 2023 presents VR Animation Competition

World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb 2023 presents selected projects in the VR Animation Competition category.

The increasing presence of virtual reality points to new and exciting approaches to storytelling in animation. It affects the transformation of the traditional ways of presenting, but also the ways of experiencing films, mainly guided by technology. With all the creative VR projects on the horizon, this year's selection is full of inventive ideas that have the potential to redefine the concept of entertainment, but also show that animation has no limits.

Members of the selection committee for this year’s VR Animation Competition were Animafest’s artistic director Daniel Šuljić and the festival producers Matea Milić and Paola Orlić.

List of selected VR Projects:
A meeting between Munch and Ibsen, August Volden Skara (Norway / Volda University College / 2021)
All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost, Mélanie Courtinat (France / independent / 2022)
From the Main Square, Pedro Harres (Germany / Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf / 2023)
I Horizon, Paul Bush (United Kingdom / Ancient Mariner productions ltd / 2022)
SHH, Daming Zhang (China, Hong Kong / FELTTIME / 2022)
Surfacing, Rossella Schillaci (Italy, Portugal / Mybosswas / 2022)
Thank You for Sharing Your World, Yu Sakudo (Japan / Kodansha VR Lab, Ltd. / 2022)