World Festival of Animated Film /
feature film edition 2 - 7 June 2009
World Festival of Animated Film / feature film edition 2 - 7 June 2009
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Elu ilma Gabriella Ferrita / Life without Gabriella Ferri

Grand Competition


Elu ilma Gabriella Ferrita / Life without Gabriella Ferri

Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn

Estonia / 2008 / 44' 0''


Tuesday, 02. 06.,
Europa Cinema, 20:30 h
Wednesday, 03. 06.,
Cineplexx Centar Kaptol, Hall 3, 21:00 h


A man and a woman lead a complicated love life, filled with erotic tension and despotic passion. Their son is an involuntary witness to all this, cooped up despondently in his room banging his head against the wall. To get away from the situation, he escapes into a virtual world. But when the man finds himself inopportunely stuck out on the balcony of the apartment, a burglar gets into the building. At the same time, in a neighbouring apartment, spies are getting ready to listen in on a group of scientists.

Olga Pärn

Olga Pärn (1976) graduated from the graphic department of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in 2000. From 1996 until 2003 she worked in the animation department of the Belarusfilm studio. She studied at the animation school La Poudrière in France where she directed her graduation film, Dreamer. Since 2006 she has been living and working in Estonia, where she co-directs films with Priit Pärn.


Priit Pärn

Priit Pärn (1946) is a graphic artist, teacher and renowned animation film maker. Since 2006 he has been the head of the animation department at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and a member of the European Film Academy since 2008. In 2008 Pärn received a Lifetime Achievement Award at Animafest. He has created 11 animated films, as well as a host of commercials and shorts, winning numerous awards and prizes. Selection of works: Kas maakera on ümmargune? (Is the Earth Round?, 1977), Kolmnurk (The Triangle, 1982), Eine murul (Breakfast on the Grass, 1987), Hotel E (1992), 1895 (1995), Porgandite öö (Night of the Carrots, 1998), Karl ja Marilyn (Karl and Marilyn, 2003), Frank ja Wendy (Frank and Wendy, 2005), Must lagi (Black Ceiling, 2007), Life without Gabriella Ferri (2009), Divers in the Rain (2010). 



Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn


Eesti Joonisfilm


Priit Pärn


Horret Kuus


Erkki-Sven Tüür


Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn


Tarmo Vaarmets, Ülle Metsur, Marje Ale, Annely Põldsaar, Tiina Ubar-Sauter


Grand Competition