World Festival of Animated Film /
feature film edition 2 - 7 June 2009
World Festival of Animated Film / feature film edition 2 - 7 June 2009
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Immigrants - L.A. Dolce Vita / Immigrants - L.A. Dolce Vita

Grand Competition


Immigrants - L.A. Dolce Vita / Immigrants - L.A. Dolce Vita

Gabor Csupó

Hungary, United States / 2008 / 87' 0''


Tuesday, 02. 06.,
Cineplexx Centar Kaptol, Hall 3, 21:00 h
Thursday, 04. 06.,
Europa Cinema, 18:30 h


"Immigrants" is the story of Vladislav (a Russian), and Joska (a Hungarian). Both are immigrants and best friends, living and chasing the American dream together. Vlad has a daughter, Ana, whos adapting to life in America at the speed of light, while her dad is in complete culture shock. They stay at the Vista del Mar, an apartment complex run by an old failed actress, Greta Knight, who is always after Vlad for sexual favors. The building is home to immigrants from all over the world: Flaco, a friend from Mexico; Mr. Chea, who runs a Chinese family restaurant; Nazim, a former Pakistani nuclear scientist who drives a tour bus and Mr. Splits, an old black pimp. With a story that is comedic and yet poignant, "Immigrants" is a movie for anyone who ever had a dream.

Gabor Csupó

Gábor Csupó (1952, Budapest, Hungary) received his animation education at Hungary's famed Pannónia studio. Leaving Hungary for political reasons in 1975, he demonstrated his love for music by leaving all his belongings behind when he left the country - except his collection of 500 record albums! Csupó went to Stockholm where he helped produce Sweden's first animated feature and met his future partner, American graphic designer Arlene Klasky. Together they formed Klasky Csupo, Inc., in 1981, which they guided to a position of leadership in the animation and entertainment industry. Known for innovation and imagination, Klasky Csupo, Inc. has created and produced some of the most popular animated television series on television, including "The Simpsons," "Rugrats," "Duckman," "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" and "Santo Bugito." A multiple Emmy Award and Cable Ace Award winner, Klasky Csupo, Inc. is one of the world's leading animation studios.

Selection of works: The Secret of Moonacre (2008), Most za Terabithiju (2007), Dance (1980) 

Selected festival history: Cinanima, Anima Bruxelles, Animabasauri



Gabor Csupó


Megafilm Ltd., Grand Allure Entertainment, Klasky-Csupo/Global Tantrum


Billiam Coronel, Josh Lieb, Jared Stern, Sam O'Neal, Neal Boushell, Reid Harrison


Drew Neumann, Gregory Hinde, Gábor Csupó


Peter Tomaszewicz, Mano Csillag


Andrei Svislotski, Zhenia Delioussine, Jim Duffy, John Holmquist


Grand Competition