World Festival of Animated Film /
World Festival of Animated Film / 1996
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Festival Council: Mladen Čutura (president), Nicole Salomon (honorary member), Milan Blažeković, Miro Mahečić, Ivica Njerš, Fazlija Premilovac, Pavao Štalter, Krešimir Zimonić

Artistic Director: Joško Marušić

Managing Director: Margit Antauer Buba

Films entered for competition: 472
Participating countries: 24
Films in competition: 74

International Selection Committee
Jill McGreal – Great Britain
Ivan Ladislav Galeta - Croatia
Gunnar Strom - Norway

International Jury
Derek Lamb - Canada
Bretislav Pojar – Czech Republica
Marjut Rimminen – Great Britain
Erik Roberts - Australia
Dragutin Vunak - Croatia

Official Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Caroline Leaf, Canada

Grand Prix: 1895, Priit Pärn, Estonia

Awards in categories

Films from 30 sec to 5 min

First award: L'anee du daim The Year of the Deer, Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland
Second award: ex aequo Gruezi Hello, Jonas Raeber, Switzerland
Watching TV, Christopher Hinton, Canada

Films from 5 to 30 min
First award: Nyurkina banja Niurka's Bath, Oxana Cherkassova, Russia
Second award: ex aequo Stressed, Karen Kelly, Great Britain
The Wooden Leg, Daren Doherty, Nick Smith, Great Britain

Original video-production
First award: Prosessor, Jan Otto Ertesvag, Norway

Special mention
The End, Chris Landreth, Canada

Best first film
Quest, Tyron Montgomery, Germany
Second award ex aequo Pariah the Red Man, Kevin Richards, Great Britain
Dada, Piet Kroon, the Netherlands

Best abstract film
First award: Roots, Bärbel Neubauer, Germany
Second award ex aequo Vision, Killian Dellers, Switzerland
Divertimento No. 5 - Slapstick, Clive Walley, Great Britain

Special mentions
El heroe, Luis Carlos Carrera, Mexico
My Favourite Things that I Love, Janet Perlman, Canada
Still Life With Small Cup, Paul Bush, Great Britain
Oh, Julie, Frances Lea, Great Britain

Award for the best choice of student films submitted for pre-selection (at the discretion of the Selection Committee)
The Arts Council Of England, Great Britain

Films by Caroline Leaf
Films by Franz Kluge and Jochen Kuhna
Films by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera
100 years of British animation selected by Pat Raine Webb
Articulated Light – the emergence of abstract film in America selected by Bruce Postner
Macedonian animation - 25 years of imagination and enthusiasm
Looney Tunes retrospective
40 years of the Zagreb Film Animation Studio
Awarded Films at IMAGINA 96
Life, Peace and Tolerance (films chosen by Thomas Renoldner)
Animated Films on MTV (selection of awarded films)
CICT IFTC (UNESCO) – Animated films by young Italian animators
Walt Disney Feature Animation – new projects

Panel Discussion
Where is Animation Film  Heading to in the Age of Computer, Ingo Petzke, Germany

British computer animation – screenings and lectures, Mike Jones, Great Britain

ASIFA Workshop

Artworks by Caroline Leaf
3rd Biannual International Exhibition of Caricatures
Artworks by Borivoj Dovniković
Artworks by Dragutin Vunak
Carlo Marzuttini – Objects or Imaginable Devices

Poster by: Dubravko Mataković