World Festival of Animated Film /
13 - 17 June 1994
World Festival of Animated Film / 13 - 17 June 1994
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Festival Council: Mladen Čutura (president), Nicole Salomon (honorary member), Milan Blažeković, Marija Nemčić, Ivica Njerš, Fazlija Premilovac, Pavao Štalter, Krešimir Zimonić

Festival Director: Joško Marušić

Organization Direction: Margit Antauer Buba

Films entered for competition: 240
Participating countries: 23
Films in competition: 60

International Selection Committee
Georges Sifianos – France
Zoltan Szilagyi Varga - Hungary
Krešimir Zimonić - Croatia

International Jury
Giannalberto Bendazzi - Italy
Borivoj Dovniković Bordo - Croatia
Piotr Dumala - Poland
Joan C. Gratz - USA
Nicole Salomon - France

Official Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dušan Vukotić, Croatia

Grand Prix: The Wrong Trousers, Nick Park, Great Britain

Awards in categories

Films from 30 sec to 5 min
First award: Britannia, Joanna Quinn, Great Britain
Two equal Second awards:
Chiome d'oro Golden Locks, Klaartje Schrijvers, Belgium
Snjegovići Snowmen, Stiv Šinik, Croatia

Films from 5 to 30 min
First award: La basse cour A Feather Tale, Michele Cournoyer, Canada
Two equal Second awards:
In the Time of Angels, David Anderson, Great Britain
Secrets of the City, Cathy Linsley, Australia

Best First Film
Blindscape, Stephen Palmer, Great Britain

Special award for design
Petite jeune fille dans Paris A Young Girl in Paris, Lys Flowerday, France

Special award for education through humour
Safe Sex - the Manual, Greg Lawson, the Netherlands

Award for the best choice of student films submitted for pre-selection (at the discretion of the Selection Committee)
Royal College of Art, Great Britain

Films by Dušan Vukotić
Films by Nag & Gisele Ansorge
The History of Hungarian animation
Best of Annecy ‘93
Cities Say Hello (on the 900th anniversary of the City of Zagreb)
My Choice (program of films chosen by the Jury members)
Croatian animation abroad

Walt Disney’s Animated Features
The Jungle Book
The Beauty and the Beast

Artwork by Dušan Vukotić (curated by Igor Zidić)
Artwork by Tomislav Špikić
Artwork by Ljerka Njerš
History of Croatian Animation (curated by Veljko Krulčić)
Cartoon Heroes on Stamps

Poster by: Goran Sudžuka