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World Festival of Animated Film / 1972.
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Cinema for the Ear and Ear for the Cinema

Cinema for the Ear is a selection of animated music videos, a field where two creative fields meet with the same starting point and the same basis – rhythm. Rhythm is equally important to both animators and musicians, so it is not surprising that videos are an ideal form to try out new animation aesthetics, experimenting, creative exploration and play. Videos, often chosen by younger animators, are one of the freshest disciplines of animation. Cinema for the Ear therefore is a meeting place of most diverse styles, from electronically generated intertwining lines, to hand-scribbled, deliberately ‘bad’ drawings, to after effects escapades. The famous musician Gotye stands out as particularly inclined to animation video and this year we present his Giving Me a Chance. A real discovery is the work of British animator Ruffmercy, whose dark graffiti style specializes in underground rap (House Shoes ft. Danny Brown Sweet). Another 15 videos comprise this musical animation selection, ideal for evening relaxation after other festival treats.

An overview of the Cinema for the Ear selection can be found HERE.