World Festival of Animated Film /
6 to 11 June 2022
World Festival of Animated Film / 6 to 11 June 2022
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07/06 TUE 17:00

Midhat Ajanović Ajan: Slike koje pričaju
Slike koje pričaju is a collection of essays about visual language, pictometaphor, autofiction and dystopian genre, as well as the creative work of Walt Disney, Vatroslav Mimica, Jacques Tardi, Piotr Dumała and Simon Bogojević Narath. Midhat Ajanović’s essays are an easy read, flowing in terms of content, to which a reader always gladly comes back to remind themselves of the material or simply to enjoy a good read. The essays are interesting and abound in new information, but completely devoid of self-complacency. Ajanović’s texts can be read by beginners who are only getting to know the immense world of this medium, as well as accomplished experts possessing expansive previous knowledge. Informed readers can also learn something new here, in this case, about comic books and animation. Apart from being professional and insightful, Midhat Ajanović’s texts are also personal – it is clear that he cares about the topic he is writing about. Ajanović is not one of those authors who coldly serve useful facts and quote research data, he rather expresses his own conclusions and impressions. Thus the texts in the essay collection Slike koje pričaju are a combination of public and private, in addition to interweaving a subjective and objective perspective. (Miroslav Cmuk)

Nedeljko Dragić: Vučko
Šampion svih kategorija u boksu, Skok do skoka, skijaški skokovi, Spust koji se pamti, Milion vrata veleslaloma, Pravi partner za klizanje and Na zimskim olimpijskim igrama are the titles of six storyboards for six different sports in which Vučko was the main celebrity. Each of these six storyboards has between 150 and 190 drawings and meticulous analyses of the story dominated by a dynamic illustration of the psychology of sport, as well as Vučko as the protagonist of such storytelling. After the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984, when the character of Vučko, its trademark, became globally popular, an American producer bought the rights and managed to make a series of 5-6 minutes long athletic animations. Dragić was commissioned to make these six storyboards and, as always, he wanted to make something special, something different… The project was finally never realised, and 300 odd years later the storyboards were published to the initiative of editor Veljko Krulčić in three hard-covered books, issued by the Vedis publishing company.
The authors of contributing texts in the ‘Vučko trilogy’ are Josip Grozdanić, Branko Farac, Rastko Ćirić, Goran Dujaković, Dejan Dabić, Veljko Krulčić and Nedeljko Dragić.