World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature edition 4 to 9 June 2018
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature edition 4 to 9 June 2018
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The entire programme of Animafest Zagreb 2013 available online!

The feature edition of Animafest will present a rich line-up of films and side events. All the useful and valuable information are available on our official website. Also, we have released the schedule of screenings.

Make your acquaintance with the nine films running for the main festival award – the Grand Competition Grand Prix, while the World Panorama, in many people’s view one of Animafest’s most exciting programmes, this year presents a series of films made by innovative and exceptional filmmakers in new and interesting techniques.

This year’s theme programme Was Ist Europa?, marking the Croatian EU accession, concerns films that deal with the social and political life of Europe in the 20th century until this day. Aside from feature-length and short blocks within this segment, you will be able to see five films nominated for Cartoon d’Or, the European award for best short animated film.

This year Norway is celebrating 100 years of animation. As a birthday present, Animafest is giving it an entire programme category presenting films made between 1913 and today. Classics and Contemporaries will screen the best of Norwegian short animated production from 1913 until this day, while the feature programme will screen three films that became key moments in the history of Norwegian animation, each in its own way.

The Children and Youth Programme encompasses twelve feature films suitable for children and youth selected from the entire festival programme, with many additional educational events. It also features two special screenings of Lotte and the Moonstone Secret and Up on the Poppy Hill.

Traditionally, film professionals can participate at Animafest Pro, organised by Animafest and MEDIA desk Croatia, a programme backed by the Regional Pitching Forum.

This year’s side events include three exhibitions: Alois Nebel – My Life; Ivan Marušić Klif – I Love Cartoons; and Level Up!, a video games exhibition. Also, for the second time around, the project Animation goes MSU! will present 16 selected works to be screened on the media facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

For easier navigation through the programme, we have created an Animafest mobile application for iPhone, iPod and iPad, designed by Mašinerija. Animafest mobile app offers a possibility of browsing through the programme and includes film stills, synopses, screening schedule and locations. The screening scheduled can be browsed by programme, author, country, date and location.

Also, the Animafest 2013 mobile app can help you make your own private calendar with films and events you are interested in, or you can take a photo with our festival mascot.