World Festival of Animated Film /
10 - 15 June 1974
World Festival of Animated Film / 10 - 15 June 1974
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Screening of films by Takashi Makino transferred to Cinema Europe

One of the Japan's most prolific and adventurous filmakers Takashi Makino is known for his hallucinatory, nonlinear films in which images and sounds share equal importance.

It is no surprise that the structure of Makino’s films draws a lot of interest from the viewer because its seamless integration with the audio components helps transport us directly to the world of artistic imagination.

On year's Animafest, Takashi Makino will screen EVE, Generators, Ghost of OT301 and On Generation and Corruption.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the screening is transferred from Art Park to Cinema Europe, June 8 at 23:00.

You can learn more about Takashi Makino and his films on his website: http://makinotakashi.net/