World Festival of Animated Film /
short and feature edition 5 to 10 June 2017
World Festival of Animated Film / short and feature edition 5 to 10 June 2017
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TO DO: Spend your Saturday at Animafest

To the filmmakers competing for the awards at Animafest 2014 the only escape from the official award ceremony excitement will come in the form of film programmes continuing on Saturday, the day when our festival is flooded with all those who were unable to attend it during the busy week. How Croatian production measures with the international one can be seen at 1pm at Europa thanks to the selections Croatian Puppet Film and Croatian Panorama, one after the other. At 5.30pm another chance to see Hidden Treasures is scheduled. The only thing left between this and the award ceremony at 10 pm is Grand Competition 5.

If Saturday is your first day at Animafest, don’t miss Royal College of Art and MOME animation schools at Cineplexx, after which you can take a look at Grand Competitions 1 and 2.

Saturday is also a good day for the youngest audience as Tuškanac is completely dedicated to them all until 4pm. At 11am there is Family Programme, followed by Films for Children Competition, and at 3pm Adam Wright’s animatronics workshop is scheduled. For those who are unable to get to the centre of Zagreb, we have Animafest at Your Neighbourhood – the wondrous world of Animafest. Free screenings at cultural centres in Travno and Dubrava begins at 11am, with Wooden Skyscraper, Rabbit and Deer, In the Shadow, The Caterpillar and the Chicken, Koyaa: Flower, Chinti and The Rhyno’s Ad. Kids might also love Pirates! A Band of Misfits – the feature film produced by the famous British Aardman Studios, scheduled for 6pm, Tuškanac cinema.

Sophisticated viewers will find please in 3 x 3 mini-retrospectives of Tomek Ducki, Roberto Catani and Špela Čadež and the French Puppet Film as selected by Marcel Jean.

Saturday at Animafest is an ideal family day accompanied by animation art. Don’t miss the exhibitions Puppet in Croatian Animated Film and Sisters, and when the night falls take a walk in Novi Zagreb where Animation goes MSU! reminds us that Animafest is still on in town!

Daily schedule: http://bit.ly/SkDGRx
See you at Animafest!